Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pretty Blue's Voice

Thanks to the additional technology I've... um... imported into my laptop, I can record audio files and share them with whomever I want.

Which means you.

Anyway, it's interesting for me to listen to people's voices for the first time, or to match voices to images or voices to text. It always surprises me, a little. I never expected Garrison Keillor, for example, to look like Garrison Keillor -- his voice seemed to suggest someone soft and pillowy and rounded, but Mr. Keillor is so angular and craggy and off-putting.

So, if you're interested, you may hear my voice below. If you'd rather not have the way my writing voice sounds "in your mind" distorted by the way I actually sound, then obviously don't click it. But I bet you will. It's less than a minute long, and you're curious. ^__^

Click here to hear!


Anonymous said...

It didn't work. MOM

Daniel said...

I already know what you sound like, what you look like, and stuff... cuz we've met! We've taken classes together! We lived in the same building for goodness sakes! :-) But I'm glad for the other people who get to know your voice. :)

Beth said...

It worked for me, but was about 2 seconds and cut you off. But still, yay! I have never liked my own speaking voice (but will happily Skype with you) and when I did a podcast two winters ago lost sleep over how high my voice is.

Blue said...

I reloaded it, so I hope it works now.

But I need a better way to do this.

Where's the widget where you can click and hear it directly from the page, instead of having to go through a series of pages AND download the file?????