Friday, July 20, 2007

Harry Potter Week: Remembering SS/PS

It was the morning I was scheduled to get my wisdom teeth out. I was depressed, not because I was going to get my teeth out -- that was something which could not be avoided and thus had to be dealth with -- but because I was sitting in the waiting room looking particularly ugly, and I knew it.

My mother had insisted I wear very old clothes, lest they, say, become blood- or spit-stained in the process, and I was at the height of teenager-dom when looking "unfashionable" was a humiliation far beyond the bounds of what should be endured. (I have had ten years to wear old clothes since then, and have gotten used to it.)

In the middle of the pile of magazines on the waiting room table was a Newsweek. Inside was a story about this new literary phenomenon: a story about a boy wizard, at a wizard school. There was an excerpt, which I read.

Well, it's cute, I thought. But... it's nothing special.

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Daniel said...

My HP experience also came about b/c of Newsweek--I remember when book 4 came out, and there was SO much hype surrounding it.

In the Newsweek, they printed the first chapter, I read it, and was hooked. I went out, bought books 1, 2, and 3, and read each in succession. Then, I purchased book 4, read it too, and decided I couldn't wait any more for book 5. And now, since then, I've graduated high school, college, and I have two masters degrees, and am working on a PhD. Is it sad that all of that was really just to have something to do between HP books?? :-p