Wednesday, August 29, 2007

16 Bits of Brown!

In reference to my earlier post "8 Bits of Brown:"

As a bit of timepass while the students have their holiday (my class begins tomorrow), I've been playing the rockingly awesome Super Famicom game Star Ocean.

Thus far it seems to have some of the best elements of Final Fantasy 6 (huge ensemble cast, multi-layered storyline) and Chrono Trigger (time travel! time travel!). Not to mention the voiceover work.

The fighting is pretty dull, as there's not much to do but whomp the shit out of monsters (no interesting tactics, techs, linked attacks, etc.), but the storyline is fairly interesting.

And then I saw the sprites for the bad guys.

Oh, no they didn't.

Yep, those are the baddies on the right. The... um... brown ones.

And their costumes seem a bit "Pan-Asian Cuisine."

All of the heroes, of course, are pink-pixelled. Except for this one.

Her name is Fear. As in "fear the melanin!"

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