Thursday, August 9, 2007

To the Team Looking for the "Color-Blind Casting" Post

I mentioned on SepiaMutiny today that I was in the middle of writing a post about color-blind casting (the same one I promised to write on this blog, last week).

I've been writing on this one for a while, and I'm having difficulty reining it in to blog-post length. I'm also having difficulty trying to put all of my arguments in order, because this is a huge topic. It is, essentially, an analogy (in microcosm) of the way race (as represented by color) is handled in America by way of how it is handled in the theatre.

Right now the damn thing's already three pages long. It needs some work. Truth be told, it's a rough draft of a conference paper trying to force itself into a blog post.

But I promise that I will leave something behind on this topic before I fly to Hyderabad. Because I can guarantee that after I fly to Hyderabad, I will probably be fairly occupied... ^__^

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