Friday, August 3, 2007

Down to Where It Stops By Itself, Oh Yeah Baby!

While I was looking for photos and images to work into new headers, I had a sudden, almost shocking realization.

This is a picture of me from April 2006. Keep in mind that I work in a theatre department, and we have to do things like this. We have to.

And this is a picture of me from April 2007. An entire year of not cutting my hair, "just to see what would happen" (read: save money).

And here it is August, and it's a good three inches longer than it is in that picture.

I realize that this is perhaps entertaining no one but me (although that shot of me "interpretive dancing" should be pretty darn entertaining), but I find it fascinating.

(Keep in mind that I work in a theatre department, where we are encouraged to be self-absorbed.)

I wonder how long my hair will be next year?

(Editor's Note: If you want, you can play "I Spy" with all the things on Blue's desk. She's hoping you don't spy the spiderwebs -- she never noticed they were there until just now! Clever eyes will note the dandiya sticks, the Harry Potter video games, and the piece of junk laptop.)


Anonymous said...

Seems to be a book entitled "C**nt". I think you should blur that out as well.

For the kids.

Daniel said...

I remember your hair when it was short!