Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Shakespeare's Version Didn't Have Enough Dance Numbers

Tonight I saw an outdoor performance of Love's Labours Lost.

This play, of course, is much better known worldwide as "the inspiration for the hit Bollywood film Mohabbatein."

The actors were great, of course, but they had none of Amitabh's intensity or Shahrukh's... um... okay, SRK is really, really bad in this film.

*remembering Shahrukh's performance*






No thundercrack. SRK gazes over his glasses at the camera. Then he tosses his preppy sweater over his shoulder. Cue dance number.

Just in case you've forgotten how bad it was, here's a clip.

Bollywood Fugly
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Beth said...

Speaking just as Beth and not as a Fugger, I will sheepishly admit I love his preppy look in this movie. It's the glasses, I think, plus I've always found braininess (which we'll just assume he has, since he's a teacher) attractive.

Crap movie, though.

Blue said...

It isn't SRK who needs to be fugged. It's that guy dancing shirtless with the cheerleaders. No time to IMDB his name right now. ^__^