Wednesday, August 8, 2007

ZOMG I can swallow pills now!!!1!1!!!!!!

Am so happy. The internet is the most awesome place in the world. I can learn Devanagari in one hour, and learn how to swallow a pill in two minutes.

Long story short, I found another blogger's story of pill-swallowing-inability (hat tip: Ennis), and about halfway down the comments there is a suggestion to try pressing the tongue completely up towards the top of the mouth, which kind of forces everything down at once.

The way you are supposed to swallow is that you close your jaw (back teeth touching) and (MOST IMPORTANT) push your tongue up against the top of your mouth. This makes it impossible to breath in air through your mouth, as it creates a vacuum seal and then the suction force easily pulls the food down in to your stomach.
Anyway. For whatever it's worth, it worked for me. After how many other methods of trying.

Woo-hoo! Now I won't get malaria!


tinkertoon said...

that's kinda cruel of you to think of india (or hyderabad, where you're destined) as land of malaria...

but knowing murphy's, you asked for it...

pills or not, everyone must know how to swallow, right?

Blue said...

I am not thinking of India as the land of malaria any more than I think of America as the land of measles/mumps/rubella.

But it didn't stop me from getting my MMR vaccine, and it's not stopping me from taking doxy.

(Anyway, anyone who knows me understands that I think of India as the land of sexxxy Bollywood dancers. ^__^)

tinkertoon said...

now now.. you don't have to get defensive n all :)

and this stereotype with Bollywood dancers !! OMG!!! when will West realize that all they think is India, India is not, and what it really is, is beyond the West to comprehend... (speaks to self sth about the missing big picture... )

not to discourage you on the eve of your India visit... but here are a few polite suggestions:
a. become less exuberant when in India.. all firangs need to carry an air about themselves, else they're considered loose...

b. bottled mineral water does not guarantee anti-hydro-insurgency.. but if you got strong genes, then you'll even survive on tap water... its all in the attitude (land of faith, for many)

c. tell your co-faculty (is that legit?) that your fiancee (don't name S. as the effect gets diluted then) is planning a trip shortly and will join you soon as he gets past the visa struggle... this will ward off any unsuspecting marriage proposals... :)

live with abandon
indians are greatest hosts on earth
especially since we still suffer from the white-skin-syndrome

donot venture out at nights

donot eat south indian food (ok, this last one is my own bias, but i'll be spared one wrong suggestion, right?)

Daniel said...

so my potato thing didn't work? :(

Blue said...

Daniel, I never tried the potato thing. Sorry. :(

Tinkertoon, loved your suggestions. I suppose I can pull off "aloof and vague" as well as anyone (am actress, after all).

As for the water thing, I'm fully expecting to get traveler's diarrhea. Once I have it, I get it out of the way, right?

The place where I'm staying has teh free internets and so I'm sure I won't be traveling anywhere at night, 'cause I'll be addicted to my laptop. ^__^

And what kind of food should I eat in South India, if not South Indian food? ^__^