Monday, August 27, 2007

Two Different Responses to the Hyderabad Bombings

In the city, the BJP enforced a bandh.

On the university campus, students marched quietly holding candles.


Priya said...

Looks like the TDP is calling for a bandh on Tuesday and the CPI(M) on Wednesday!!

Another reason why the candle-holding youth should become the leaders who run the State..

Anonymous said...

Here are some other postings regarding the blast.§id=3&contentid=20070827200708270255458906d9b145e

Anonymous said...

Did you know that two thousand years ago a Roman citizen could walk across the face of the known world free of the fear of molestation? He could walk across the earth unharmed, cloaked only in the words ‘Civis Romanis’ I am a Roman citizen. So great was the retribution of Rome, universally understood as certain, should any harm befall even one of its citizens.

Blue said...

Priya -- I agree.

Anon 1 -- OMG that's a lot, but thanks!

Anon 2 -- yeah, the American comparison comes to mind once again...

Anonymous said...

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