Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Flyover Collapses

Two days ago I was in the eastern section of Hyderabad (Koti and Abids) wandering around and enjoying myself and getting groped on the bus ride home.

I left in the afternoon. About two hours later, a flyover (read: overpass) collapsed. 30 people are assumed dead and they're still searching for bodies.

This flyover was right in the heart of the city; directly outside Hyderabad Central, in fact. I had traveled underneath this flyover every time I had come into the city, including that morning on my way to Abids.

I had come back from the city early because a friend had invited me to a Tollywood movie. When I got back to campus, he told me that he had changed his mind and was too busy to go, and I told him off (a bit) for making this plan and dragging me back from the city for no reason when I had been enjoying myself and would have otherwise stayed through the evening.

The next day I told him that perhaps he had saved my life.

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