Sunday, September 9, 2007

Now I Really Want A Book Deal

From the NY Times:

Katherine Russell Rich got a book deal for writing about her experiences learning Hindi. She also got a Modern Love column out of it; apparently, learning Hindi made her sexually aroused, so she made out with a fireman in an elevator in NYC. (No, seriously. That's the jist of the article. And then she slams us with 9/11 at the end of it.)

Come on, you guys. I've been writing "the book" about my Indian experience (offline, separate from the blog) since I arrived. All I need to know is how to hook up with a publisher. ^__^

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Beth said...

It's a pretty saturated market, though, isn't it? It seems everywhere I turn there's another travel/cultural/personal growth/spiritual growth memoir about India by a European, Australian, or American, and from what I have read they are largely redundant. By no means would that be necessary, but it seems to happen. And some are quite bad, like Holy Cow, which has been a best-seller for reasons that completely escape me. So just don't write something crappy :)