Thursday, September 27, 2007

Plastic, or... what metal is that again?

I have a question about tiffin-carriers.

Essentially, I want one. When I was at my home university (and temping at the office) and packing lunches to save $$$, I would have to take two generic Tupperware containers (one for the rice or bread, one for the curry or dal) in an old grocery sack.

So I want a tiffin-carrier, and since I never saw one in any of the desi groceries I frequented, I will be buying it here.

Here's the question. Plastic or metal?

Plastic has gotten a bum rap lately because of that whole BPA thing. Naturally, I don't want anything leeching into my food (never mind all the BPA that must have leeched in when I carried it in Tupperware).

But what's the metal they use for the metal ones? And does it carry the danger of leeching harmful chemicals too?

Also, which is easier to clean, etc?

Thanks. ^__^


spark said...

Most of them are made up of stainless steel, which is safe, I guess.

Amit said...

There's nothing to be scared of in plastics. Its all just a big media strategy to get you to buy more metal. -_^

And yeah, almost all metal utensils are stainless steel.

Does that help any? Me's doubtful ... :P

P.S. - Just found your blog sometime back, first-time commenter. Hi!

neha vish said...

The metal tiffin carriers are made of stainless steel, which as far as I know, is rather safe. My own experience with cleaning has been that stainless steel is a lot easier to clean. For one thing, it never stains. (Like tupperware, which yellows with age). And, stainless steel doesn't "catch smells". So you don't have to scrub it as hard. :)

Abi said...

Go for stainless steel.

Avoid plastic, unless you are absolutely certain about its quality -- which you most likely are not when you go to a regular 'vessels' store.

Oh, avoid aluminum as well.

Anonymous said...


The stainless steel ones are easier to clean, yes, but you cannot reheat food in them in the microwave, which is what most workplaces have.

One alternative that works for me: I bought "Cello" brand tiffin carriers from India - these are stainless-steel tiffin carriers that come with their own insulated plastic carrier, shaped like an insulated water-bottle with a handle. This works really well for me, to take hot/warm food to work, and I don't have to deal with reheating. The food stays hot for about 5 hours, and is eatably warm (i.e. not out-of-the-fridge cold) for over 8 hours.



Austin Desi Movie said...


But a stainless-steel tiffin box. That's the authentic desi Dabba wala thing to do :)

When in Rome....

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