Friday, September 21, 2007

Let's Play "Name That Food!"

This was my breakfast this morning:

Palm-sized balls of what appeared to be deep-fried bread dough.

Also coconut chutney.

It was completely delish, but I don't know what it's called. And I'd rather reveal my ignorance to the internet than to the Indian mess hall cooks. ^__^

But... you know. Just in case I want to ask for it again.


neha vish said...

Oh dear. With so many deep fried round things we make..

Let's see. It could be a Bonda. Or a different variant of Vada. Though Vada/ Vadai is likely to look more like a doughnut, there are some that are made whole.

Anonymous said...

mysore bonda

Shruti said...

Even I think its mysore bonda..:-)...its made of all purpose flour

Anonymous said...

Mysore Bonda...and it's made from leftover dosa/idli batter in canteens and messes! (4 years in a hostel and you learn more than you ever wanted to know about how leftovers are used!)

If you want to make it from scratch, it is made from soaked and ground urad dal.

And yes, it is absolutely wonderful...


Avinash said...

It was either vada or bonda. Vadas usually have a hole in the middle, just like a doughnut. Vadas don't have potatoes in them, whereas bondas do.

Blue said...

Yeah, it's a bonda. Thanks for the pic, Neha!