Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Students Surprise Me

As I had hinted at earlier, I bought a box of sweets for my class.

Well, not for the whole class. For the group of students who showed up early on a Saturday morning to work on the set. They went out into the forest to chop down bamboo and everything. So I told the group that if they finished building a certain part of the set by Monday, I would give them ladoos.

On Monday they were almost done. They explained that they had worked through the evening on Saturday, and had set aside some time on Sunday to work, but had been recruited for another project in the department (the other faculty confirmed this). So I told them they could have the ladoos anyway.

And then they completely surprised me.

"Oh, no, ma'am. We can't take them."

"Why not?"

"You told us we had to finish building Prospero's hut. And the hut isn't finished."

They refused the ladoos completely. I was thoroughly impressed.


Nishant said...

I want to audition for Caliban. In case you don't have any vacancies, will you please invite me for your grand finale ?

*please, please, please*

Daniel said...

Do your students know about your blog?