Sunday, September 16, 2007

Speed is... Relative

Me, talking to the actor playing Alonso: You need to make your entrance very quickly. You are looking for your son. You don’t know if he’s been killed in this tempest. You have to find him. So you are moving very quickly.

Alonso makes his entrance with a sort of rambly, leisurely pace. For the fifteenth time.

Then it occurs to me that his pace is right in line with the general speed of life in this part of India. Nobody runs. Nobody hurries. I have been teased, more than once, for my "American impatience."

And if this is this actor's version of "quickly," well... um... everyone likes a good long Shakespeare anyway. ^__^


Daniel said...

this reminds me of a story: when I was 10, I was taken on a cruise to the Bahamas by my parents. I remember the island people telling me that there were two speeds in the Bahamas: Slow and Stop. It's impossible for them to go quickly. Maybe India's the same?

neha vish said...

Funny. When I first went abroad, I found the pace of life outside so languid. In India, I became used to running after a bus, running to stand in queue, running to catch the last local in Bombay, running to work, running away from the usual suspects mouth "chalo darling" on the street".

In fact, being languid in India seemed like a luxury. Like finding little cracks in time where you could breathe in the way you're meant to breathe - deep and easy. :)