Sunday, September 16, 2007

I Can't Catch A Break In This Town

I’ve been in India for exactly one month. I’ve been ill, in some form or another, for just over a third of my time here.

I haven’t written about it much because I’m generally a plucky person – and, perhaps, because the state of my bowels is really my business alone.

But I was thinking, today, about how many days I’ve spent here “taking rest;” that is, getting up in the morning for internets and meetings, spending the afternoon in bed napping (or if that fails, reading), and then getting up again for my 4:30 p.m. class and rehearsal.

I had the typical “T.D.” for about a week, and then I had that damn fever for another week, and today the bowel problems started up again.

I truly can’t catch a break.

A note about the fever, though: everyone on campus has it. The Hyderabad Times even did a story about this minor epidemic; apparently it’s a viral strain that resolves itself in one of two ways: either fever and laryngitis, or fever and conjunctivitis. Half the people lose their voice and the other half sit and pick at their eyes. I am eternally grateful that I was in the former camp.

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