Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thoughts on Salwars, Part Two

Here's a quiz.

The extra material around the waist of a salwar pant was originally included because:

A. It helps the woman to look "prosperous" and thus improves her status.
B. It allows for expansion/contraction as a woman's figure changes, e.g. pregnancy.
C. It has some other cultural significance that I haven't yet thought of (or read).
D. It's just the quickest way to sew up a pair of pants.

Survey says?


Avinash said...

Seems similar to the way pajamas (pyjamas) are stitched in India. My tailor (yes, I used to have a personal tailor before I moved to the US) NEVER measured me for my pajamas—he would take one look and decide what size to stitch.

I think the answer is a mix of B and D.

Indigo B. said...

Blue - great site! I love to see countries thru the eyes of non-natives. It makes you open your own.

Per the pyjamas, I've always figured the drawstring was just functional. It can be worn forever thru body changes, as well as handed down. The newer fashions in salwaar kameezes have zippers and not as forgiving waistbands.

Also, I've noticed that the short sari blouses are actually useful for nursing mothers. So, I think the core outfits all served a purpose.

Anonymous said...


I've been away, so commenting after over a week. The answer is B - with some modified D - it isn't the quickest way to sew up pants, but it is the best way to sew them up when you need to have them be full, not sleek like western pants.