Sunday, September 9, 2007

Getting Groped (or, How To Increase Site Traffic With Two Simple Words)

On the bus ride home from a bazaar in Abids, I felt an erect penis begin to nudge itself into the small of my back.

It was accompanied by a huge, sweaty belly.

I started to laugh. Aloud. I know I should have been offended, but the whole thing seemed so ludicrous. Here we were, packed like sardines into this stinking bus, everyone dripping with sweat, and this guy next to me decides he's going to get turned on, just because he's standing near a woman.

I stepped away from him (the two inches that I could) but he stepped forward, continuing to press into me.

So I reached behind me and swatted his belly.

He stepped back and disappeared into the crowd of passengers.

Again, I know I should be offended, but my only reaction is "glad to know I've still got it."


Beth said...

I had a completely different reaction when that happened to me. I was in a museum, of all places, and it was teenage boys, and it wasn't that particular part of them. I was completely wigged out and could not get out of there fast enough. It felt so antagonistic - not about power, not about sex, just about trying to piss me off. I wish I had turned around and given them a tight slap, but I was so surprised that all I could think to do was flee. I was rattled for the rest of the day.

Daniel said...


I couldn't help but laugh at the image of you actually doing that. You're too funny!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl -- good on you..

Calientte said...

lol.This made me laugh my ass of my chair.

Anonymous said...

"Glad to know I've still got it."
No, you DON'T get it. The incident had nothing to do with you. It was stand-up RAPE, and you take it as a compliment??? Your action (stomping on his foot) was correct, but you REaction could use some adjusting.

Blue said...

The fact that the incident had nothing to do with me was precisely why I chose to laugh it off.

Technically, it was an assault. But in the moment, it was an inconvenience which I stopped (by retaliating, i.e. smacking the man), and which I then took control of by turning it into a story and posting it online.

Do not tell me I reacted inappropriately.