Thursday, September 27, 2007

Gamera! (aka "Pictures!")

After who knows how many tries, I have a working camera. It's been almost seven weeks, if you're counting.

The camera is still only "semi-working;" that is, I can still only get about five pictures off of it before the batteries die. This I found out when I was testing the camera, in my hostel room.

At any rate, please enjoy.

Here's me in my room, with my laundry.

I got a better blanket, finally. Shame I didn't have the camera when I had the one with the holes in it.

The view from my window.

If it's Thursday, must be brinjal curry. ^__^

More pictures to come soon. Right now am very busy working on Tempest.


Daniel said...

Your room, your laundry, and something else!

Daniel said...

Disregard that last comment. I didn't see how you said "me" in my room, etc.

Yay for India! uh... yeah. :)