Saturday, September 29, 2007

Pictures of Stuff

Here are some pictures I took today during a Tempest work session.

Because so many students needed roles, I split the role of Ariel up into a chorus of magical spirits. They're all wearing dhotis, and these lovely masks (shown here waiting for the paint to dry).

My Iraqi student has been working non-stop on his Thermacor creations. I had written earlier about how frustrated I was that it took him two hours to build one goblet; little did I know that he would work through the night and that I would come back the next morning to find the entire set done. He gets major, major props. (Yes, pun intended.)

This is the rock that the rest of us built. After it was finished, my Iraqi student said "um... may I make a better one?" I said "please, if you have time." He assured me he would make time. I've no doubt. ^__^


Amit said...

interesting work!

wish i could watch the play :) (actually, i might be in hyderabad next week, will see if i can catch it)

and its thermocol, not thermacor :P

all the best!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm loving the idea of Ariel as chorus... A lot. Also, the tiny ship is completely awesome.
I want details to the max when you're back.
~Miss Ginny

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Sorry, let me try that again.

Thermacol Craft

Blue, please delete last.

Daniel said...

I think the chicken is my favorite. I smile and laugh and grin. It's so fab!