Wednesday, October 31, 2007

All I Need to Know About Delhi I Learned from DesiPundit

I had a better day in Delhi yesterday. Found the Red Fort, and observed once again that, like Golconda Fort, wandering around made me feel like I was in a Legend of Zelda game. Guess the designers really, really loved India or something. I mean, with the "rupees" nod and all. ^__^

And I re-wandered Chandni Chowk, armed with one crucial piece of directional orientation: the "food tour" of Old Delhi, written by Rahul and linked to on DesiPundit (which was where I found it). I'm not sure if I found all the places Rahul writes about (in fact, I'm pretty sure I didn't), but I found Parantha Galli and had a sugar parantha (which was okay; the banana in syrup which accompanied it was much more interesting), and I had a very interesting chaat experience with a man who was selling what looked like croissants on ice.

"What are those?" I asked.

He said something which sounded like "dilli vada," though I'm not sure that's even a food.

"May I have one?"

He took one off of the ice and put it on a leaf plate. Then he went to each of his little pots and asked me if I wanted any of the following: chili, ginger, chutney, masala, etc. Of course I said "yes" to everything, because I thought they were all part of this particular chaat experience. However, when I finally tasted it, the explosion of contradicting flavors indicated that I probably shouldn't have asked that it be sprinkled with quite everything the chaat-wallah had on his cart.

Ah, well. Oh, and I'm off ladoos and onto jalebis. Actually, before that, I was off ladoos and onto gulab jamuns, but I had a hot hot hot jalebi fresh from the cooking vat last night and my entire being is consumed with the idea of how I can get another one. ^__^


Daniel said...

When I see all these Hindi words, I can't help but think that they sound like words that little kids say when speaking gibberish. They always make me smile. Ladoo! Jalebi! Gulab jamun! Higgeity piggity!


Patrix said...

Am glad that DesiPundit was helpful to you. If you want, I can put you in touch with couple of Delhi bloggers who would love to take you around unless of course, you wish to explore the city on your own which I admit can be fun too.

Blue said...

Daniel -- The Higgeity Piggity is a very sacred Indian custom. Don't mock it. *__^

Patrix -- Thanks. I'd take you up on it, except that I'm leaving Delhi today (and, with all respect to the city, have never been so glad to leave a place). ^__^

Indigo B. said...

Hot jalebis!

Makes funnel cake look like health food, doesn't it? :-)