Thursday, October 11, 2007

Home-Cooked Food Makes Me Smile

For those following my travelogue, I'm now in Bangalore visiting friends. And staying in their lovely flat. Which means... home-cooked food.

To understand the immensity of such a jump (that is, from university mess food to... um... real food), I will remind you of what I've been eating for the past two months.

Mmmm.... brinjal goo....

Anyway. And in addition to all of this home-cookery goodness, I had my first taste of masala puri (and sev puri!) last night. With fresh coriander and fresh tomatoes. (Like Ashima, you'll see me in a few months trying to replicate this taste with Rice Krispies and barbeque sauce.)

The food -- all of it -- makes me smile. Am terribly happy.

Next on the docket: the post on ISKCON.

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Anonymous said...


the ISKCON temple in B'lore is right behind my parents' house - though my parents are here in the US now...wish I was there!