Friday, October 26, 2007

One More Adventure

I'm off to Delhi tomorrow. Then from Delhi to Amritsar, and from Amritsar on a 36-hour haul back to Hyderabad (thank goodness I upgraded the trains, right?), and then a few days of rest and I fly home.

My US suitcase is all packed and stowed away. All I'm carrying with me now is a small bag with a few blue salwars and a half-finished copy of Midnight's Children.

And, of course, my tiffin carrier, which is bursting with fruit and nuts to eat on the train.

The hotel in which I'm staying in Delhi purports a computer lab, so I will post when I can. I've heard there's a "History of the Toilet" museum in Delhi which must be explored and blogged about. ^__^

And one more request for help from all of you, Dear Readers: where can I go to find a cheap, safe hotel in Amritsar? I've made a booking already at a hotel that's Rs 1500/night because I couldn't find anything cheaper online... but wouldn't mind downgrading the hotel, particularly because I upgraded the trains. (In Hyderabad and Mysore and Delhi I've had great success in the Rs 500 range.)

Anyway. Next time I catch you, I'll be in the "untamed north." ^__^

See you soon!


Anonymous said...

Not sure if you can find a nice cheaper hotel a bit off the tourist map.

Beth said...

Oh that sounds so fun! Can't wait to read all about it. You know I'm dying to know about the toilet museum, too....

Anonymous said...

Do be careful in the north - it's sort of India's Wild West, culturally speaking. I spent six years in Delhi during college and I became much more aggressive and ready to tackle the jerks around me in the most assertive way. However, I had to be careful that I never bit off more than I could chew, confrontation-wise. Northern men can get pretty physically aggressive at little provocation. The south may be dull, but women are much safer in public, at most they may get ogled or sometimes groped. The north is altogether rougher on women, especially single women traveling alone. So keep your wits about you on trains and buses and on the streets. And oh, now that you're cowering in the corner with fear - have a great time!