Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Images from Lal Bagh

Nothing's cuter than a monkey wearing clothing. Especially one who tells me where to put my trash and helps me find drinking water. There were also "trash-can statues" of rabbits and frogs and rams throughout the park, but only the monkey statue got to wear clothing. Why?

Corporate sponsorship is never far away. Also -- is that dwarf in the back picking his nose?

I just liked the combination of colors on this one. Plus the horizontal line of the walkway cutting through the verticals of the trees.

This is the "money shot;" the picture of the Glass House. When I got up close, I found it was the extremely dirty Glass House. A bit of water and some Windex would have made it much more impressive.

More fun with angles and lines. I liked the curvy branches of the... um... "curvy branch tree."

This is for the people who laugh when I tell them India reminds me of California. ^__^


Anonymous said...


we've always used the line that CA and FL remind us of India because of the palm trees :-)


Sameera said...

Truly India is a lovely place;I am appreciating it more now after being away.These pics brought back memories of the umpteen times I have been to Lal Bagh :)