Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Things I Wish The U.S. Would Steal From India

-- Controlled flush systems. That is, with Indian toilets (and with Indian "western" toilets) you get to choose how long the toilet flush takes. Push the handle down to start the flush, lift the handle to stop the flush. Not only do you get to ensure that everything that needs to disappear disappears, I would assume that (when one considers all of the smaller flushes) this system also saves water. At least, it seems as if it ought to.

-- Electrical outlets that can be turned on and off. In India, each outlet has a corresponding switch. When there's no cord plugged into an outlet, the switch is turned off and the outlet is completely disabled. Again, this seems environmentally sound, although I really have no idea how much electricity is saved.

And one thing I wish India would steal from the U.S.????

Doors that can be locked from both sides. With the bolt-and-padlock system, locking the door means either the people on the inside are locked out or the people on the outside are locked in.

It also means that if there's no padlock on the door, it's obvious to everyone that you're home. (This was rather disadvantageous when I was staying in the university guest house.)


ctrlalteredmind said...

more than the electricity savings with the switch for an electrical outlet, its a safety feature (for each appliance) - especially with infants just discovering those holes in the walls.

It also prevents sparking that invariably occurs with weak contacts when inserting a plug into the outlet.

Whilst on the topic of household electrical features, another thing the US should steal - 60Hz phased electricity. It's safer for the heart than 50Hz current in the event of domestic electrocution.

(sorry, I guess you can tell there's an electrical engineering nerd at this end of the comments page :P)

Blue said...

Don't be sorry; I approve of nerds. ^__^

Daniel said...

Yay cultural differences!

I forget where it is (I think Germany) but somewhere, they have their plugs arranged in a circle instead of one on top of another so that they can have THREE things plugged in at once instead of one big thing covering up the socket and not allowing anything else to get in there.

Yogesh said...
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