Friday, October 5, 2007

Yay! Show!

Well, we had us a show.

The house was packed. People were sitting in the aisles. My students were energetic, and (thank goodness) focused. They held for laughs. They didn't forget any props. They told their story neatly and succinctly -- and with a bit of flair, too!

Afterwards, there were two kilos of ladoos waiting for them. (That comes out to two per student, but it sounds better by weight.)

I want to post pictures. I desperately want to post some pictures. But I know I should ask their permission first, and I don't know how to mention "I want to put your faces on the internets" without mentioning where, and... so... yeah.

In the meanwhile, you may have my picture. In the sari, of course. The face is my "you have a show to prepare for, why are you taking this time to take my picture!" face. ^__^

Oh, and to the right you can see Prospero's winged staff. The one the students built, after all. Doesn't it look great?


Manish said...

I nominate a new blog name: Pretty Pink Sari.

Blue said...

Ha ha ha. ^__^

Also -- why is it that whenever you see the Bollygirls with saris, they have their waistlines exposed? I've been doing all kinds of situps to have a nice stomach for this thing, and it completely disappeared!

Daniel said...

aww yay!!! :) It's good to see you again! :)

Tell me about your bindi!

Anonymous said...


You look beautiful! The sari looks elegantly tied and you have an expression on your face, *exactly* like my high-school geaography teacher, who used to terrify us!


Buy more saris! It definitely suits you....and get hipper blouses please! :-D

As for the bollyworld, come on, that's a whole 'nother universe, far removed from realitiy....most "normal" women wear saris the way you have!


annie said...

Lol..i still can't get over the title of ur blog and the pic complementin it.

Abi said...

Congrats on the success of the show!

Now, give us some pics. If not revealing your blog to your team is an issue, you can post them on your Googlepages site, and link to them from your blog. Or, store them on Flickr (or Picasa) and post them on your blog.

As for the photograph, let me just say I agree completely with Bitterlemons ... ;-)

valentine said...

you looks pretty in saari. i really missed to c u in delhi. really curious to listen ur hindi :)