Monday, October 8, 2007

More Fabulous Deals!

Here are the other two things I purchased today (well, the two I can show you... mumble mumble Christmas mumble).

This lovely bottle of "exotic" attar, at Rs 30 (down from 70). Having two old perfume salesmen argue over which attar suited me best was great fun. I just googled "Rajnigandha" to find out what it meant, and turned up "night fragrance." Was hoping it would be more specific, as the internets have yet to add a "smell" application and so I can't share this attar with you. Which is too bad, because it smells enchanting.

And this charming "night suit" (asking for pajamas, of course, meant that they showed me pants). I haven't had a new pair of pajamas since my undergrad roommate (who's also done a research project in India, coincidentally enough) gave me some as a present. Normally I wouldn't care, but if I'm going to be traveling and visiting people I thought it might suit to have something that isn't threadbare. Went to six different shops and finally found one that would sell them to me for Rs 135 (the going rate was Rs 250). And they're adorable.

That's all for now. I was at Charminar most of the day today but didn't take any pictures (although I had my camera) because... well, because it felt strange to be taking pictures of all of these people who were out doing their daily shopping. I really wanted to take a picture of the Hyderabadi biryani I had for lunch, but no one else was pulling their camera out in the middle of the restaurant, so... you'll just have to imagine it with me.


spark said...

Rajnigandha is a kind of flower,

Daniel said...

Yay that roommate! I miss her! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I just got alluded to! Said roommate is now closing the day with a new feeling of self-importance.

Your new pajamas are way prettier than anything being sold in Ohio, though. :) The photo in that wikipedia article looks a lot like jasmine -- does your perfume smell anything like that?

Blue said...

Tuberose. Why does that make me think of a potato rose?? ^__^

No, it doesn't smell like jasmine. (Jasmine was one of the fragrances I tried out yesterday, but neither I nor the two old salesmen liked it on me.) It's lighter. Pinker, maybe, if you want to be a syntheste. ^__^

Anonymous said...


Rajnigandha/Tuberose grows on a tree, not a bush/vine like jasmine. The flower is white and looks like a narrow tiger-lily - it grows in bunches on the tree.

It is frequently used in garlands as it stands up to stringing well, and doesn't wilt for ages - the smell stays strong for a long time too.