Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pictures of Mysore!

I'm not a synesthe, but I do attach colors to things. Hyderabad is kind of a dull orange, Bangalore is green.

When I rode the auto from the train station into Mysore, it felt pink, like Paris. But it soon became clear that Mysore is a very lovely yellow.

I don't have a lot of pictures of Mysore because every time I entered a place that looked like it wanted to be photographed, my camera was confiscated. So... no pictures of any palaces or anything interesting like that.

But I do have two pictures I took on Chamundi Hill. The first is of Chamundi Temple from a distance, before I had to put away my camera. Note the rows of stalls outside.

The second is the view of Mysore from the top of Chamundi Hill. When the auto driver noticed that I was trying to take a picture while he was driving, he kindly stopped the auto and let me get a better shot.

Then, however, my auto driver asked if I wanted to take a short trip to see "one more temple." He promised it would be short, and worth my while. It turned out to be a half-hour excursion which added Rs 100 to the meter and led to a tiny, nondescript temple in the middle of nowhere.

"Really, it's important!" he said, seeing my irritated face. "Inside is a very important god!"

, I thought. The God of Raising Auto Drivers' Meters.

Oh, well.


Anonymous said...

I dont know if you are going back to Hyd but if you do try the Steamed Dosa at Chutneys.Its near hyderabad central and well worth a visit.

Avinash said...

If you're still in Mysore, do visit the Mysore fruit/vegetable/flower market, in the evening if possible. Also, buying gifts at the Cauvery emporium is better than buying it from street vendors. The Cauvery shop is run by the Gov't of Karnataka. Therefore, they neither overcharge anyone for their goods, nor do they put much effort into marketing themselves. The Cauvery shop in Mysore is located on Sayaji Rao road, which is the main road running north from K.R. circle (the circle with the maharaja's statue in the middle, right next to the city bus stand).