Monday, October 8, 2007

A Tempest of Pictures

The chorus of Ariels sink a ship. Totally did not steal this idea from Peter Brook. Not one iota.

Miranda and Ferdinand make censor-safe love (no kissing!) while Prospero and an Ariel watch.

Trinculo and Caliban. I love this shot.

The magical banquet, and moveable feast.

Group photo. Obviously. ^__^


Amit said...

So many pics! Awesomeness, indeed :-)

The letttering on the header is a bit messed up tho. Try and refine it?

Blue said...

Thanks, Amit.

Fixed the lettering, or at least made the letters more readable. I'm piqued at my paint program; I can do nifty things like "blur the background" but can't make a single bit of writing look good. :P

Amit said...

don't use photoshop?

Fairfield County CT said...

Please get a hipper blouse for party wear - like a backless, spaghetti strap, or a halter neck. That blouse is good for an academic setting and for work in an office, but what happens if you are invited to an exclusive fashion show in Bombay or if you need to break into song in the monsoon rain? You will look like a librarian in that high necked thing. Just kidding! But that blouse reminds me of my mother's tailor in Kolkatta who will NOT lower the neckline of my blouse by one centimeter. "Everything will show" she says primly whenever I suggest a strappy design,and then makes the neckline higher by an inch as punishment for my permissive thoughts. Well, now I look like abovementioned librarian whenever I go out while my Kolkatta friends with more liberal tailors flaunt their backs and their arms in gay abandon. Sigh! But I feel guilty if I don't patronize the old "mashima" (aunty).