Sunday, October 28, 2007

Roadside Romeo: You Saw It Here First!

So remember a few months ago, when I blogged about Mouseraj?

(Mouseraj is my cute nickname for the recent collaboration between Yash Raj and Disney. I'm hoping it catches on.)

I saw a preview today for Roadside Romeo and boy, did I call it.

Dogs dancing Bollywood-style on their hind legs.

Humanthromorphized dogs in hats... but no pants. Mouseraj has conveniently left the genitalia out, which looks kind of odd, considering the dogs are fairly realistically rendered otherwise.

Poor Saif. He'll have to live this one down for years to come.

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Jhughes said...

I agree. People have to analyze those parts carefully to have them be natural looking. In some instances the color of the testes is not the color of the fur. black next to whatever color or pink next to white or black testis next to white fur. I saw a photo showing a spotted leopard having orange colored testis. There is a hint of orange in between the dark patches on his fur.