Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Trains! Trains! Trains!

Not "I can has," kitty, but I HAS train tickets.



Daniel said...


Beth said...

O how I loved riding the train in India! Hope your adventures are as fun as mine! When you get all four bunks with people you know, it's a slumber party on wheels!

Amit said...

that looks suspiciously like a mumbai local. any chance you're coming somewhere around here? :)

Blue said...

Daniel -- itinerary coming soon.

Beth -- I hope so, too! Sleeper II all the way!

Amit -- it may be a Mumbai local. It's actually a stock photo I stole from the internet. The kitty, however, is my own.

Daniel said...

It's like you're in an Agatha Christie novel! Let's just hope there's no murder mystery!