Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mysore Shopping Walkthrough

Mysore is home to a number of lovely products which you might want to take back with you as gifts for family and friends. In terms of shopping, it outdoes Hyderabad by far.

Many of these products (I'm trying to be really vague here, so no one knows what is ending up in their Christmas stocking) are sold in stalls outside of Mysore Palace.

Don't buy them there.

Instead, go to Jaganmohan Palace, which functions as an art gallery. Pay the Rs 15 to tour the galleries (yes, even firengis pay only Rs 15!). You'll end up in a row of shops, each taking up one room in the palace.

You're welcome to browse every room. There are about seven of them. They all sell relatively the same things, but the prices decrease the further down the hallway you go.

So when you see that special something you really like in the first shop, don't buy it there. Go to the end of the hallway and buy it in the last room for half the price.

Then exit the palace. To the right, there is an outdoor market, similar to the one outside the Mysore Palace. Fixed prices. They're exactly the same things the Mysore Palace touts had been hawking for seven- and eight hundred rupees, now being sold for Rs 50 and Rs 100.

Jaganmohan Palace is the one place where I wish I had done more shopping. ^__^

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