Sunday, October 21, 2007

She's Your Shatabdi

Here's the deal. I was going to take an overnight train from Bangalore to Mysore. Never mind that it shouldn't take the entire night to get from B'lore to Mysore; the price was right and I thought I could endure the seventeen-plus stops along the way.

Then my hosts suggested I take the Shatabdi instead. An air-conditioned chair car that left Bangalore at 11:00 and hit Mysore by 12:30.

Oh, and there's a free lunch.

So I bagged the sleeper car and the all-night trip and took the Shatabdi. It was everything an air-conditioned chair car could be. It was traveling first-class, and being waited on, and not having to hear the endless parade of chai-wallahs screaming, and not having to deal with glinty-eyed young men asking obnoxious questions.

It was the perfect way to get to Mysore.

The problem is that now I want to upgrade all of my train tickets. Now that I know... um... what I'm missing.


Abi said...

If it's not too late, try the Rajdhani for your upcoming trip to the untamed North. You can then live happily ever after ...

Anonymous said...

ah yes, the Shatbdis are all great trains! How about an account of the Mysore trip?


Blue said...

Bitterlemons -- Mysore trip coming soon. Pictures included! I just need a few hours when the internet isn't down and I can upload them.

Abi -- OMGWTF Rajdhani! I am so onboard, if there are tickets left. Will be going to the train station tomorrow, stat. Thanks for the tip!

Daniel said...

if they're not too much money, I say do it!