Friday, October 5, 2007

Opening Night

Well, we're getting our little show off of the ground today.

The team has done so much in this past week, and they've finally pushed the show towards something that is, if not "artistic," then at least capable and entertaining and -- most importantly -- well polished.

(Though I haven't been able to completely stop the squirrely-ness; one of our actors last night did not have his costume -- at our final dress rehearsal -- because he had worn it home from rehearsal yesterday without thinking about it and then left it wadded in a ball on his hostel room floor. Um... *facepalm*)

I'm actually very proud of this show. I think prouder of it than any show I've directed. Certainly I've had to work harder, and improvise more.

And these students have come so far. You wouldn't believe it unless you had been through the process, but they've made so much improvement.

They'll have a good show tonight. They deserve it.


the saint said...

All the best!

Abi said...

I guess the show is already on even while I write this comment. I wish you and your team all the best.

Can't wait for your next post with details on how it went ...

Daniel said...

break three legs!

Shruti said...

How did it go?how did it go?:-)

Ashu said...

good one :)