Saturday, November 3, 2007

Being Sick in Amritsar

When this trip is over, I'm going to make a tally. A sort of "how much money spent on hotels, how much money spent on transport, etc."

On this list I should include "how many days spent being sick."

When I was in Bangalore, I spent about half my stay there taking rest; my hosts and I both agreed that I was probably reacting to all of the pollution.

Delhi is... oh, I don't know... about 5 times as polluted. And filthy.

And Blue is... well... down for the count once again.

At least the hotel room is nice, this time. And the on-staff doctor assured me it was nothing serious. (And it isn't -- just another one of those nameless "upper respiratory infections" people get.)

So I'm hopped up on Indian drugs, and enjoying the view.

More to come later, since this internet costs 2x what it does in Delhi.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Blue on November 4th.

mom and dad