Sunday, November 25, 2007

Well, This is Addictive

The Blog Readability Test.

Insert your URL and it tells you what level of education is required to read/understand your blog.

Mine's high school. SepiaMutiny's is undergrad. Abi's is postgrad.

I should be proud of my "non-exclusivity" and ability to communicate to a wide audience; but comparing my blog with my friends' blogs just makes me think Pretty Blue Salwar should start using bigger words.


Abi said...

"... Pretty Blue Salwar should start using bigger words."

Or, PBS can start linking to (and excerpting from) articles with bigger words. We all know who is *really* into this game, don't we?

HM said...

That is silly, mine got a "Genius" level! Personally, I think mine would be elementary school level :)