Thursday, November 29, 2007

I'll Be Your PA, Too!

The NYT had an editorial about the rise in hiring Indian "personal assistants" (people willing to do any task you request, from buying groceries online to selecting birthday presents to recruiting and assessing romantic partnerships). I've written on that subject already, here.

The editorial took me to this blog, which took me to a British website titled I Want A PA.

I scanned the website eagerly, looking for the one piece of information I could not find.

Where to sign up.

No, not as an employer. As a PA.

I'd be darned good at it; I'm charming, articulate, youthful, and full of internet-savvy. I could make those dinner reservations for you, no problem. I'd even make a chart incorporating nutrition information as well as any reviewer ratings of various dishes, so you'd know exactly what to order.

Why should this new world-flattening trend exclude me? You could even pay me in rupees, as long as they eventually ended up in my Midwest, USA bank account.


Interested parties can contact me at prettybluesalwar AT hotmail DOT com.

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