Saturday, November 17, 2007


I spent most of yesterday sitting on the couch, catching up on all the episodes of The Simpsons that I had missed while in India, reconnecting with my cat, and eating apples.

Today I woke up feeling better than I had in weeks. Better than I had since Delhi.

I'm not exactly "re-culture-shocked," but I find myself amazed at the softness of everything around me. Yes, you can play with the double entendre if you want, but these past two nights I have tucked myself into a bed of unparalleled comfort. Fresh crisp sheets, two soft pillows, one lovely comforter, plenty of extra blankets inbetween.

Everything feels soft. The carpet under my feet, the pajamas my mother bought for me (having read this blog post about the prior state of my nighties), the bed, the pillows, the kitty, the sleep itself.

It's absolutely luxurious.


Anonymous said...

You deserve every luxury that comes your way. You did India the hardest possible way - as a temporary resident in temporary accommodation, with no kitchen or laundry facilities and horrible mess food. And at the end of all the hardship, your spirit still remained generous and open to adventure. Enjoy the soft sheets and the warm comforters and the crisp apples. Happy Turkey Day or Tofurkey Day if you're vegetarian.

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