Thursday, November 1, 2007

Blue is tired....

Delhi's taken both the piss and the vinegar out of me.

And, as much as I hate to admit it, I'm getting tired of being a tourist. The novelty of paying money to look at things has worn off. ^__^

I've got two more weeks in India. Part of the time includes a trip to Amritsar, which is worrying my parents because of its proximity to Pakistan. I don't think it's any more dangerous than any other city, not really.

Right now, watching the news in my hotel room, the two least safe cities in India seem to be Bangalore (at least they're hyping the whole "BJP Karnataka" thing on TV), and then Hyderabad, which is getting deluged by rain almost to the breaking point. And I've been in both of them already.

But throw in your verdict. How foolhardy am I being?


Amit said...

"How foolhardy am I being?"

Frankly, I'm wondering why are you still stuck in Delhi and not exploring the Great North. :-)

How long before we get to see Amritsar pics? Amritsar is fairly safe. I haven't visited it alone, and was with family and stayed with relatives, so I can't give you a backpacker's PoV, but the place is more or less ok. :)

Anonymous said...

Blue, have you done the Agra-Jaipur thing yet, or are you giving the Taj a miss? Agra is a rathole (sorry Agra residents) of a town for tourists (you might run into Elephantiasis boy at the station) but Sikandra, Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri are beautiful, especially as you like wandering around forts. :) Although Agra being such a tourist hotspot I doubt the touts and the pushy "guides" will leave you alone to wander for even a minute. Jaipur is also quite lovely even though it too is bulging to bursting with tourists and hence has a disproportionate number of touts. Poor Blue, I hope you recover soon from the ordeal of your travels in our "wild west."

Anonymous said...


Amritsar felt pretty similar to Delhi, when we visited (mid 90s) - frankly, apart from the Golden Temple (which was beautiful, and almost the sole reason for our trip) and the Wagah Border (a curiosity for me, as a S.Indian, to see the contentious border) there wasn't much that stood out.
I was with family, and though I am pretty familiar with Delhi, I have always visited family there (half mine lives in Delhi) so your touristy travails are all new to me - no idea how the places would compare to a tourist....that said, having gone that far, I'd go anyway, just for the Golden Temple, if nothing else.


Coach Khan said...

Ooooh, Fatehpur Sikhi is really lovely and quite a lot of fun. Given that Blue has been having trouble with transportation lately, can anybody suggest how she gets there from Agra? Last time I went, I was in a car, so I don't know how I would do it otherwise.