Sunday, November 25, 2007

Book Club Production Assistant

Well, I finally have a name for the job I want.

Oprah's Book Club is looking for a Production Assistant.

Check out the job description:

Supports team and producer in daily production-including answering phone, getting lunch, opening mail, copying scripts and post-show notes, and other administrative duties. Production skills include research/resourcefulness-proficient in Lexis/Nexis, internet searches, DT searches. Must be resourceful in searching for guests, doing research, and obtaining footage. Reads all books considered to be selected with a critical eye. Maintains up-to-date knowledge of publishing industry. Consistently reads new books, searching for potential book club selections. Can suggest titles that are worthy candidates for upcoming selections. Can create system (charts, procedures, etc.) that are specific to the needs of the club/special projects production process. Charts and tracks show production and book selection process and can anticipate deadlines for the team. Must be able to consistently demonstrate solution driven communication. Communicates effectively with all Harpo departments demonstrating respect and professionalism. Team player works consistently to mesh well with supervisor, teammates, other department members and fellow staffers. Good phone etiquette.

I can do all of those things very, very well. And I have extraordinary phone etiquette.

The online application form, unfortunately, is one of those fill-in-the-blank ones with no opportunity to send off a cover letter. Cover letters and the like (statements of purpose, etc.) tend to be the places where I distinguish myself from the competition. Otherwise I'm just another kid with a degree and a bunch of McJobs.

But I can't not apply.