Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Note About The T-Shirt Thing

Don't worry.

I'm not planning to sell t-shirts on the blog. ^__^

Though it did provoke an interesting response.

The post was labeled "humor," after all. As was the implication that the only reason I was doing it was to get you to give me money, like the Girl Scouts do. Also the fact that I used the word "thong." ^__^

The slogans, for the benefit of new visitors, were not meant to be "desi-centric;" they were meant to be "Pretty Blue Salwar-centric," in that they're all things that have happened to me or that I've said, on the blog. I'm not trying to out-desh anyone.

Obviously, wearing one would be super-duper-meta, probably so meta that no one else would understand what you were referring to. I'm not that popular. Yet.

Which means that the only point of the thing was to "social guilt" my friends and family into giving me money, which I very openly stated was my purpose for creating the t-shirt campaign. ^__^ ("If you like me, you have to buy one!" That kind of thing.)

Anyway. Now that that business is over, I'm going to move on to Plan B:

The Pretty Blue Salwar Pledge Drive.


Thambi said...
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Daniel said...

Whoa there thambi. I know Blue personally, and she is by no means racist.

Had you followed her adventures in India, you would have seen that she really did "survive" there. Most of her stay was quite treacherous. Blue was sick numerous times, she had to surmount bugs, getting lost, and having valuable property taken from her.

She actually DID survive the Punjab, absent of racist connotations.

What I find offensive is your assumption that Blue is somehow making an anti-Indian statement based on an obviously humorous element of one post. Clearly Blue has pro-India leanings; hell, she chose to visit there! No one goes to visit or work in a country that one hates.

Please make sure you know more facts before making baseless claims.

Oh, and get over yourself.



Thambi said...
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Daniel said...

The Europeans who visited Africa were racist because they thought that blacks were evolutionarily inferior to whites--that they were less than human.

Who am I as a white person? Who are you as a human to assume that I can't empathize with someone who's been discriminated against. Who are you to assume that I'm not a minority? Who are you to assume that just because of the color of my skin, I'm not able to share my opinions? As a matter of fact, I am a proud member of two minority groups, and growing up where I grew up, I was discriminated against heavily. That's who I am "as a white person" to tell you whether someone's racist or not. I know Blue, and she is not racist. She's not got a racist bone in her body, and she is one of the least discriminatory people I know.

And, you wanna talk racist? "I look forward to in 50 years when you are all working for us." !!!???!!! WHAT? People in glass houses shouldn't throw racist stones. To assume that one's race is superior to any other is, in fact, racism. So let's not call Blue racist without first looking at ourselves, ok?


Vishnu said...

thambi as a fellow Indian (assuming that you are Indian) maybe I should myself say that you are being too aggressive and unfair in what you are saying. Looks like you are venting the fury of 200 years of colonial oppression of our country on this blog. She has the right to put her own views about Punjab and India the way she was it, refer here to see what the manager of a hotel did to her.
If the same behavior was meted out to an Indian female by a "white guy" in America our newspapers would have cried hoarse and jumped to the story and the outcry that would have followed would have forced even American president to condemn the act. (I suppose what happened with Shilpa Shetty is too evident). Before you start labelling others racist maybe you should think twice.
You will definitely find lots of other people to vent your fury on in the likes of Winston churchill, Henry Kissinger, Richard Nixon and others who were far more overtly racist than this female with a blog titled "pretty blue salwar" and claiming that she "survived" Punjab.
I think its time you get over yourself.