Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fun With Avatars, Disney-Style!

So I was doing some research into the Disney Fairies, to see if the DF called "Rani" was actually an Indian-themed fairy (this is mostly because earlier I had predicted that the first desi Disney character would be named Maya, and I hate to be proven wrong).

Rani, however, is as blonde and blue-eyed as they come. She could be one of those "white tigers," but I doubt it.

Anyway. Disappointment aside, I clicked on the link that allowed me to turn myself into a Disney Fairy!

Here it is!

Very sad that there wasn't the option to give my fairy glasses.

Even sadder that most of the available "tops" for my fairy looked like lingerie.

These creatures are, after all, marketed for ages 6-8.

Oh, Disney.

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