Friday, November 9, 2007

Jab Me With A Spoon

So. Jab We Met.

Well, let's put it this way. There was one thing I really liked about the film. (I try to be a positive person, whenever I can.)

I liked that the Bollyworld they created for Jab We Met actually resembled the India in which I've been traveling for the past three-odd months. When I've seen other Bollywood films on this trip, I've always had to crack a smile at their idealizations of this pretty, pretty country. I would look at the images on the screen (the opening song in Laaga Chunnari Mein Daag, for example) and think "where's that place? I'd like to visit that part of India."

But when I was watching the first hour of Jab We Met, I could finally say "Yeah -- definitely been there."

As for the rest of the film? Oh... let's say it was so boring that I sat during the second half mentally planning syllabi for next semester. And then caught myself doing it.

Oh, and that last dance number is just creepy.

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